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SFMil 0003 
 British Army AH64 Apache lifts of from FARP after refuelling, on a winter's afternoon on Salisbury Plain 
 Keywords: AAC, AH64, Apache, Arms, Army, Army Air Corps, British Army, DNG, Exercise, FARP, Fuel, Haze, Helicopter, Helo, Leica, M9, Rangefinder, Re-arm, Refuel, Salisbury Plain, Soldier, Soldiers, Transport, Weapons, Winter, afghanistan, air, britisharmy, flight, fly, flying, military, mist, netheravon, war
SFMil 0004 
 British Army AH64 Apache, rotors-running hot-refuel at FARP on Salisbury Plain 
 Keywords: Apache, Army, DNG, Leica, M9, Rangefinder, britisharmy, flight, fly, flying, military, netheravon

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