Black & White Darkroom Hire / Tuition

Is analogue black & white photography your new love?

Do you have a strong desire to develop your own black & white films, or perhaps even produce your own black & white photographic prints, using the process the film was intended for?

Based in Petersfield, Hampshire, I have an 8-foot by 8-foot permanent black & white darkroom that is available for hire, no matter what your experience may be.

The darkroom is equipped with running cold water, a hot water tank and heating in winter.

Facilities for film development are based around the Paterson spiral tank system; meaning either up to 3 x 35mm black and white films or 2 x 120 roll films may be processed at any one time.

If you are a novice, or unsure of your technique, full guidance and assistance will be on hand at all times from myself.

For printing, there is a Meopta enlarger with 35mm negative carrier (EL 50mm 2.8 Nikkor enlarger lens), and also a medium format 6 cm x 7cm negative carrier (Rodenstock 105mm Enlarger lens). The colour head of the enlarger means variable contrast printing maybe carried out using modern multigrade black & white papers through the appropriate filtration.

Film developer is a very personal choice and can have a limited shelf-life, so this purchase decision is that of the photographer. Such developers can seem bewildering at first, so advice is available.  Remember, we all had to process our first roll once upon a time!

Pricing:   1 day   – 8 hours    £ 80

                 ½ day – 4 hours    £ 45

Including full tuition.

Should you choose not to bring your own fixer or stop bath, a nominal sum of £ 3.50 will be added to above prices.

Due to personal tastes and skill levels, the price includes facilities usage and one-to-one tuition, but not photographic paper or developer for film or for paper.

Times for darkroom access are extremely flexible, including evenings up to 11 pm.

Please note: I normally leave negatives 24 hours to dry – placing them in a sleeve the following day will not be charged; it is included in the price. Should you be unable to collect them, postage can be arranged.

Regrettably, due to space limitations personal chemistry and paper cannot be stored at the darkroom.

Latex-free gloves are provided, but you are responsible for any allergens or sensitivities you may have.

Photography tuition:

Perhaps the darkroom concept and developing of film appeal but you have little or no experience of film photography, or may just be lacking in confidence in photography overall? If so, one-to-one photography tuition is available at the same rates, utilising the local area or a mutually agreed practical location.

If you have any questions at all please feel to get in-touch, no matter how trivial they may seem.






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