City Life

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 Tower Bridge at night. 
 Keywords: Architecture, Atmospheric, Bridge, DNG, Leica, Light, Lights, London, M9, Night, Nightlife, Rangefinder, River, Thames, Tower Bridge, Winter
 Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree 
 Keywords: 35mm, Bokeh, Christmas, Christmas tree, DNG, Festive, Festivity, Holidays, Leica, Lights, London, M9, MNPG, National Portrait Gallery, Night, Norway, Norwegian, Rangefinder, Reflection, Seasonal, Spruce, Summicron, Trafalgar Square, Water, Winter, atmopsheric
 Keywords: Atmosphere, Atmospheric, Boat, Boats, DNG, Dining Room, Leica, London, M9, Rangefinder, Restaurant, St Katharines, Water, Winter, Yachts, lifestyle
St pancrasrings 
 Keywords: 2012, DNG, Europe, Eurostar, Leica, London, London2012, M9, Olympics, Rangefinder, Rings, St.Pancras, Train

Images 1-4 of 4 displayed.




"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."


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